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We are honored to participate in Giving Edge and the Big Day of Giving!  Please see our Giving Edge profile to view our profile and review how your donations contribute to our work in the Davis and Sacramento communities.

Your support to the PTDT creates a stronger, healthier, and more creative community. For almost four decades we’ve created innovative programs! For more details, just scroll down and find out more.

Please consider making a donation to support our work in the Davis and Sacramento area communities.

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Community Choreography Project

Began 1987. Matinee audience members helped create choreography for evening performances. Originally funded by the City of Davis’ Arts Contract Program. Subsequent programs funded by PTDT.

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Dance Scholarships

At the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre, we believe in dance and multiple art forms as tools for physical and mental well-being, academic enrichment, and to support a thriving and connected community.

As part of our outreach program, this scholarship aims to bring dance to under-served members of the community by providing financial support towards classes at the Dance Workshop, where scholarship recipients may explore the experience of dance, and potentially work with one of the four companies under the PTDT umbrella, train to teach dance, or both.

For those who are career-focused, it seeks to support those who are considering dance as a professional career, including teaching and performance work, providing the training necessary for their future growth.

Interested community members are invited to apply for the first round of scholarships that will begin in January, 2024. Please contact or (530)756-3949 for an application form.

Coming of Age

Began 1993. Working with “non-traditional” dancers ranging in age from 8 – 80+ while exploring multi-generational choreography. Originally funded by the City of Davis’ Arts Contract Program, the company created during this project has continued under the umbrella of the PTDT.

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The Third Stage

Began 1994. Creation of multi-generational contemporary company. Originally funded by the City of Davis’ Arts Contract Program, continued under PTDT after the first year.

Second Wind Classes

Began 1994. Free classes for senior citizens 65 and older. Funded by the PTDT, following the Coming of Age project. During the first year of the pandemic, we switched to zoom and are now running hybrid classes.

Since the beginning of this program, we have given over 10,500 free classes to older adults.

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Taking it to the Streets: Dance in Public Places

Began 2010. Over a year of free classes for community residents to learn choreography for semi-spontaneous performances in public places. First-year funded by the city of Davis’ Arts contract Program, now funded by the PTDT.

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The Davis Dance Project

Began 1997. Originally a production of various local dance companies, [first year funded by the City of Davis’ Arts Contract program], this has evolved into a lecture/demonstration and performance of various concepts about dance, hosted by the PTDT, with guests. Recent years have included creating collaborative pieces between visual artists, musicians, poets and dancers and celebrations, through movement, of how our community was dealing with the pandemic. Funded by donations, children 12 and younger come to this concert for free.

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Dance for Parkinson’s

Began 2010. PTDT helps sponsor free classes for people with Parkinson’s Disease and their caregivers, in affiliation with the Mark Morris Dance Group. During the first year of the pandemic, we sent out DVDs of classes to our dancers and then switched to zoom.

We are currently running these classes on Zoom, in both Sacramento and Davis.


Began 2012. An academic enrichment program for reading and writing, created by teacher/dancers Cindy Robinson and Pamela Trokanski, with an accompanying teacher training program.

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